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Ford 351 Cleveland





Ray Ingram's mud bog run:

This 1977 Ford Bronco is driven and built by The Head Shop's owner, Ray Ingram.



This 1971 Datsun 240Z belongs to one of our customers. It's powered by an inline-six stroker motor (3.1L) with 12.5:1 compression, forged pistons, oversize valves, port/polish, race cam, etc. The customer was so pleased with Ray's work, the he came back to have Ray rebuild his motor a second time (for another round of internal upgrades). Videos of each version are below!



Local SCCA autocross race at Pungo airfield, July 2010. First build for the customer.



This second version is clearly a dedicated race motor. Customer-supplied upgrades from the previous build include his crank rebalanced to 10,000rpm, titanium valve retainers, upgraded valve springs (less seat pressure), and he also had us port-match his new race headers (on the header side, the head was already ported). No other changes, believe it or not! (We've never heard a six cylinder like this either... and we built it!) Skip to 4:55 if you just want to see the motor run.




















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